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Brent and I have been working hard to bring Faraday to reality. It’s been nearly two years of work learning as well as simplifying our approach as we realized what was important and what was simply nice to have. Now we at FaradayRF are excited to share our creation, ideas, and vision with you.

We believe amateur radio has a unique quality of being perfectly suited for education. There’s little chance of it competing with the Internet but when it comes to having the freedom to experiment on software and hardware together, amateur radio leaps forward. We intend on enabling radio amateurs to understand digital communications and get in the drivers seat to push our hobby forward.

Creating Faraday

In 2010 while Electrical Engineering students at the Rochester Institute of Technology Brent and I started wondering why there was no obvious path forward with digital technology in ham radio. DSTAR was taking off yet it is expensive and focused on voice communications. We were too busy to do more than experiment with some development boards back then but the flame was lit.

Today we are both in Los Angeles, CA employed at SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) as avionics hardware design engineers. The job has been extremely demanding but also rewarding both in accomplishments and in how much SpaceX is simply a hive of talented engineers to learn from. FaradayRF has no affiliation with SpaceX. All work for FaradayRF is conducted on personal time and with personal resources. Nights and weekends as they say.

Faraday RF Section of PCBA from FaradayRF


FaradayRF is an embodiment of our passion for amateur radio. Being the sandbox that introduced us to electrical engineering, many talented radio amateurs who inspired us in our youth, and a launchpad for projects that helped define our professional careers it’s obvious we are deeply appreciative. For several years we’ve felt more distant from the mainstream aspect of the hobby. Brent and I have participated in our share of contest, DX, Morse Code, and repeater conversation yet we both strongly feel a desire for something new and exciting. FaradayRF is our expression of this passion to make ham radio feel more relevant to our lives.


There’s a reason it has taken several years to release Faraday. When Brent and I commit to something it becomes personal and FaradayRF is no different. When we committed to deliver a working Maximum Power Point Tracker to AMSAT for their Fox-1 series of CubeSats there was no way either of us would let them down. AMSAT was going to get a working solution regardless of how badly we wanted to focus on Faraday. Now we’ve committed to FaradayRF*! If we’re not at work or backpacking it’s a sure bet to find one of us pounding away at pushing Faraday closer to existence.

*Day job takes precedence, Need to put some boots on Mars!


We could easily decide to run a Kickstarter campaign. We’ve decided to go the old-school route and bootstrap this project. Doing so ensures our mistakes, which we will make, affect few. Initial users of the Faraday platform are expected to be developers willing to jump in with us. Trust us, we will find a way to show our appreciation. We will initially produce small production runs of Faraday nodes with limited availability. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive early notice of available products.

We Love Amateur Radio

Let’s do this!

Brenton Salmi and Bryce Salmi ontop of Half-Dome in California

Left to right: Bryce Salmi, KB1LQC and Brent Salmi, KB1LQD

Author: Bryce Salmi

Licensed radio amateur KB1LQC and Co-Founder of FaradayRF. Professional Electrical Engineer designing and building avionics for rockets and spacecraft during the day and developing the future of digital amateur radio experimentation by night. All opinions are my own.


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