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Why Bother Getting an Amateur Radio License?

Our Amateur Radio and the Maker Community post defined our stance that the future of ham radio is in experimentation and learning. This post builds upon that cornerstone article by outlining why you should even bother getting an amateur radio license. I won’t make points around the ability to talk around the world or independence Read more about Why Bother Getting an Amateur Radio License?[…]

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Why Faraday is Different

Faraday in many ways has similarities to some of the ISM band development boards and projects already available. However, we’d like to clarify just what makes Faraday different. We often see Faraday compared to projects with use LoRa technology, GoTenna Mesh, or Ubiquiti hardware repurposed for amateur radio use. Here’s why Faraday is a completely different Read more about Why Faraday is Different[…]


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