Six Interesting Electronics Blogs We Follow

Brent and I here at FaradayRF do our best to keep up with interesting developments both in the world of ham radio and electronics. The following list is a snapshot of electronics blogs we keep an eye on. Take a look and please comment below if you think we missed a great blog!


The juggernaut of electronics hobbyist blogs is Hackaday. Daily posts provide continually updated information written by a collection of great authors. They have profiled opinions of ham radio in posts such as Shut Up and Say Something: Amateur Radio Digital Modes and they’ve even posted about FaradayRF in Put That Amateur Radio License to use on 915MHz!

hackaday electronics blogs amateur radio


Producing those Perfect Purple PCBs, OSHPark enabled FaradayRF to economically produce several revisions of the 4-layer PCBs for testing. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Drew Fustini who blogs for OSHPark at the 2016 Hackaday Super Conference in Pasadena, CA. He’s written really neat posts such as an instructional piece about making PCBs with Castellated Edges with OSHPark.

OHSpark electronics blogs castellated edges


Most of you likely know about Dave Jone’s Youtube channel EEVBlog. Every now and then he posts a text-based item and usually knocks it out of the park. His awesome blog post about The Economics of Selling Your Hardware Project is a great example of the knowledge Dave imparts.

Chris Gammell’s Analog Life

If you know of Dave Jone’s you likely also know of Chris Gammell since they are both hosts of The Amphour podcast. Chris often pokes at a more retrospective view of electronics and their effect such as in A Bundle of Glass on the Seafloor. We’re happy to say you likely received this blog post over a bundle of glass too. The odds are good.

chris gammel twitter

The Life of Kenneth

Kenneth Finnegan, W6KTF, is an internet resource for all things APRS. His Blog often has some neat posts such as his project Driving LEDs on a Raspberry Pi via MQTT. His thesis is often brought up during conversations about APRS which turn even remotely technical.


A relatively new find for us was HELENTRONICA where the author, Pero, documents some seriously neat projects such as Building an ARM Based Microcomputer at Home. Check out his portfolio as well!

HELENTRONICA electronics blogs micromputer ARM project

Final Thoughts

Those are the six electronics blogs that we know about and keep tabs on. Not all of them are ham radio oriented but we believe the spirit of radio amateurs is deeply rooted with electronics experimentation. Are we missing any great blogs? Let us know by commenting below! We’d appreciate if you subscribe below too.

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Author: Bryce Salmi

Licensed radio amateur KB1LQC and Co-Founder of FaradayRF. Professional Electrical Engineer designing and building avionics for rockets and spacecraft during the day and developing the future of digital amateur radio experimentation by night. All opinions are my own.

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