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Cale, K4CDN, starts off 2018 with a revamp of the HamRadio360 podcast featuring Brent and myself! The new show format and an excited Cale get to dive into who Brent and I are. He and his listeners get to learn more about us as we grow FaradayRF and its mission.

Learn more by listening to the first of two podcasts featuring Brent and I, Millennial Falcons. We loved our chat with Cale and odds are you will too. That said… Never tell me the odds!

millennial falcons hamradio360

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Author: Bryce Salmi

Licensed radio amateur KB1LQC and Co-Founder of FaradayRF. Professional Electrical Engineer designing and building avionics for rockets and spacecraft during the day and developing the future of digital amateur radio experimentation by night. All opinions are my own.

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