Hackaday Superconference 2017 Recap

Hackaday Superconference 2017 was a blast! We went there aiming to meet awesome people working on awesome projects. The conference did not disappoint in any way. Most of the weekend was us talking to people around the Supplyframe DesignLab. Here’s a quick recap of the weekend.

Bryce Salmi and Brent Salmi at Hackaday Superconference 2017

FaradayRF – Bryce Salmi (KB1LQC), and Brent Salmi (KB1LQD) at the Hackaday Superconference 2017 in Pasadena, CA

FaradayRF Adventures

We went to the Supercon with a goal of sharing with people our previous year of progress. Brent and I are also notorious for enthusiastically promoting ham radio so we also did a lot of that 🙂 too. Since the previous Supercon we’ve started production of hardware, shipped FaradayRF Starter Packs around the United States, and learned a heck of a lot of Python. We’ve been busy! It was great to see what people thought of where the Faraday project has come as well as where it’s headed. We’re stoked. Getting hardware into peoples hands to get feedback has been incredibly useful and the Supercon was no different. Many of the talented attendees offered support and advice, thank you!


FaradayRF swag was noticeable all around the conference. We were having fun handing out a limited number of free stickers and key flags to attendees. We may be biased but our FaradayRF key flag seemed to be a hit! If you saw us at the conference and got some swag please show off what you have done with it since then. We’d love to see. Just add a comment to this post or mention us on twitter @FaradayRF.



The Superconference seemed to have more radio amateurs this year than last year. It was quite noticeable. Amateur radio, namely the ARRL, should probably take note that communities such as Hackaday are finding value in ham radio. They just seem to be more oriented towards the technology side of it. This is energizing. We want to expand amateur radio by building upon it as a medium to do great things. Faraday is a platform that enables this. It’s also well understood we cannot compete with the Internet. We’re finding out how ham radio offers unique benefits that the Internet does not yet at the same time building the project with many of same tools it uses. The conversations we had with attendees solidified this line of thought.

FaradayRF at Hackaday Superconference 2017

Faraday setup as an access point to demonstrate RF connectivity at the Supercon

Hackaday Superconference 2017

If you met us as the Hackaday Superconference 2017 please let us know what you think in the comments below. If you didn’t attend let us know if you are thinking about it for next year. We enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to all the achievements we’ll make before Hackaday Supercon 2018. See you there!

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Author: Bryce Salmi

Licensed radio amateur KB1LQC and Co-Founder of FaradayRF. Professional Electrical Engineer designing and building avionics for rockets and spacecraft during the day and developing the future of digital amateur radio experimentation by night. All opinions are my own.


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