Here are some projects we’ve worked on prior to FaradayRF and the Faraday digital radio

AMSAT Maximum Power Point Tracker

Starting as a Rochester Institute of Technology senior design project for the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, this project took another two years of spare time work to bring to a flight revision. The MPPTĀ board provides an interface between the AMSAT Fox-1 satellite solar cells and the spacecraft battery bus which helps the solar cells produce more power by operatingĀ at the most efficient operating point possible.

See the design files on GitHub!



RITchie-1 High Altitude Balloon

In 2011 when both Brent and I were attending RIT we were club officers for K2GXT, the RIT Amateur Radio Club. Our big project for the Imagine RIT Festival 2011 was to design, build, and fly a High Altitude Balloon. We did this in about seven months with an amazing club. All of us learned immensely and this project alone propelled several members into internships that specifically cited work on RITchie-1!

RITchie-1 High Altitude Balloon Avionics

RIT University News Launch Coverage

RITchie-1 Avionics Overview

For several years we built and organized the CollegeARC Website which was the College Amateur Radio Club. This was an organization of about 30 universities spread out over the United States and Europe. We distributed news and had forum discussions aimed at helping each club grow. We eventually had the University Net which would meet weekly on Echolink. Brent and I decided to shut it down around 2012 when we realized school was demanding most of our time.

Screenshot of the website



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