First production batch Faraday PCB

Amateur Radio And The Maker Community

The HamRadio360 Workbench #22 podcast episode released on April 25th, 2017 focused on two communities we love, the maker and ham radio communities.  The host, George (KJ6VU), points out during the introduction that this podcast will be exploring “What does being a ham get you as a maker”? George and co-host Jeremy (KF7IJZ) discuss the advantages Read more about Amateur Radio And The Maker Community[…]

First production batch Faraday PCBs

Six Interesting Electronics Blogs We Follow

Brent and I here at FaradayRF do our best to keep up with interesting developments both in the world of ham radio and electronics. The following list is a snapshot of electronics blogs we keep an eye on. Take a look and please comment below if you think we missed a great blog! Hackaday The Read more about Six Interesting Electronics Blogs We Follow[…]

simpleui user interface gif

SimpleUI – A Basic User Interface

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club informed us they were launching Faraday on a High Altitude Balloon in April/May 2017. We wanted to help out by developing a user interface to use for their mission. Out of this effort came SimpleUI, a no-frills user interface built to satisfy a need and showcase the Read more about SimpleUI – A Basic User Interface[…]

aprs example log file kb1lqc-1 and kb1lqc-2

Faraday Proxy Test Mode

Faraday Starter Packs have been shipped around the United States and we have users helping develop the open-source software with us on GitHub. This is incredible. Obtaining hardware may not make sense for everyone however and we wanted to fix that. If you love what FaradayRF is trying to do and want to experiment/develop without Read more about Faraday Proxy Test Mode[…]

Faraday Rev D1 Venice CA

Using the Telemetry and APRS Applications

Faraday owners will find that the Telemetry and APRS applications are fun to play with. We encourage you to play with them shortly after going through the Quickstart guide! Telemetry Out of the box, a GPS enabled Faraday is quite capable. The GPS provides location awareness for Faraday without extra hardware. It is also a Read more about Using the Telemetry and APRS Applications[…]

Faraday Revision D1 Top PCBA USB cable

Contribute to Faraday Software

Many of our customers just received their Faraday starter packs this past weekend! Shipping them was tons of fun, thank you for your orders. Several of you have already made it through our guide and blinked the LED on the board. Congrats all! First blinks! @faradayrf — Mike (@notsureifsane) February 18, 2017 Right Read more about Contribute to Faraday Software[…]

First production batch Faraday PCBs

First Batch Radios Available!

Tuesday morning we sent out an email to the first 25 subscribers to the FaradayRF Newsletter with information on how to order Faraday as part of a priority group. This is a perk we mentioned several months ago on the newsletter. Anyone can order Faraday now however these 25 people have the ability to jump Read more about First Batch Radios Available![…]

Faraday radios rev0 rev1 revAand RevB

Evolution of Faraday

We’ve come a long way with Faraday and it’s evolution has been fun to see. The concept of Faraday began at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY in 2010 while Brent and I were Electrical Engineering students. Deeply invested in K2GXT, the RIT amateur radio club, we were unsatisfied with what amateur radio technology Read more about Evolution of Faraday[…]

Faraday PCBA's Rev D1 from PCB:NG in anti-static bags

Faraday Rev D1 Test Batch Build

On Saturday December 10th we received a shipment of the first 12 Faraday Revision D1 PCBA’s from PCB:NG. This was a test batch to make sure the entire order was OK. This is a relatively complex build and double-checking now could save us a lot of headache down the road. If you are interested you Read more about Faraday Rev D1 Test Batch Build[…]

Top layer Rev D1 copper pull back for RF trace

Faraday Rev D1 – Changes from Rev B

Rev B Faraday units were our last OSHpark boards. Purple, hand assembled, and in small prototype quantities. The goal of Rev B was to test out a few key improvements like a completely new power supply design and an integrated 100Ω to 50Ω balun, making the changes before a production run. As shown below there Read more about Faraday Rev D1 – Changes from Rev B[…]


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