KB1LQC-2 telemetry dashboard

FaradayRF Telemetry

Few radio amateurs use the telemetry functionality of APRS. We count telemetry as any standard or BASE91 telemetry packet. Over a 24 hour period we’ve observed around 44 distinct stations with an average of 13 stations sending telemetry over 5 minute periods. This pales in comparison to the entire APRS-IS stream which in 24 hours Read more about FaradayRF Telemetry[…]

Introducing aprs2influxdb

We’ve been hard at work on #LaunchWithFaraday moving ever so closer to an awesome ham radio buoy. This pushed us to focus to improve telemetry support. In doing so we realized that remote telemetry is one of the things that amateur radio can absolutely thrive at. The current support for it in the hobby is Read more about Introducing aprs2influxdb[…]

Raspberry Pi Gets A Faraday & Things Get Sticky

During the past two weeks we’ve made some significant progress with our Telemetry and APRS software. These are both efforts to shape up our software for the #LaunchWithFaraday campaign where we aim to build several buoys and high altitude balloons using Faraday technology. Everyone benefits because Faraday gets better along the way and will soon Read more about Raspberry Pi Gets A Faraday & Things Get Sticky[…]

aprs.fi alerts

How to Setup aprs.fi Alerts

During the latest testing of faraday-aprs software for our #LaunchWithFaraday projects it has been helpful to use aprs.fi alerts. This doesn’t seem to be a well-known feature and I wanted to share it in a quick blog post! Receive Email Alerts From aprs.fi You can setup aprs.fi to email you an alert message given a Read more about How to Setup aprs.fi Alerts[…]

Faraday antenna cc430


FaradayRF has come a long way since our balloon flight in August 2016. We’ve designed 900MHz hardware, manufactured over 100 Faraday boards, and we’ve shipped hardware to customers. We’ve merged open source contributions on GitHub from multiple developers too. It’s no secret to some that the software quality has drastically improved thanks to contributions from Read more about #LaunchWithFaraday[…]

fcc allocations chart spectrum

Why Bother Getting an Amateur Radio License?

Our Amateur Radio and the Maker Community post defined our stance that the future of ham radio is in experimentation and learning. This post builds upon that cornerstone article by outlining why you should even bother getting an amateur radio license. I won’t make points around the ability to talk around the world or independence Read more about Why Bother Getting an Amateur Radio License?[…]

FaradayRF FLOSS Weekly 436

FaradayRF FLOSS Weekly #436

We had the pleasure of being invited onto the FLOSS Weekly show on Tuesday May 30th, 2017. Hosts Randal Schwartz and Jonathan Bennett asked us a variety of questions in the hour-long interview where we had great fun answering. Below is a five-minute preview of the interview. Thanks FLOSS Weekly and the TWiT network for Read more about FaradayRF FLOSS Weekly #436[…]

floss weekly logo

FLOSS Weekly Interview

Join us on May 30th at 9:30AM PDT as Brent and I are interviewed live on the FLOSS Weekly netcast. Hosts Randal Schwartz and Jonathan Bennett will be leading the discussion about our efforts to bring Faraday to fruition and our overall goals with FaradayRF. FaradayRF FLOSS Weekly Newsletter We’re excited to be on and Read more about FLOSS Weekly Interview[…]

First production batch Faraday PCBs

Six Interesting Electronics Blogs We Follow

Brent and I here at FaradayRF do our best to keep up with interesting developments both in the world of ham radio and electronics. The following list is a snapshot of electronics blogs we keep an eye on. Take a look and please comment below if you think we missed a great blog! Hackaday The Read more about Six Interesting Electronics Blogs We Follow[…]

simpleui user interface gif

SimpleUI – A Basic User Interface

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club informed us they were launching Faraday on a High Altitude Balloon in April/May 2017. We wanted to help out by developing a user interface to use for their mission. Out of this effort came SimpleUI, a no-frills user interface built to satisfy a need and showcase the Read more about SimpleUI – A Basic User Interface[…]


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