First production batch Faraday PCB

Amateur Radio And The Maker Community

The HamRadio360 Workbench #22¬†podcast episode released on April 25th, 2017 focused on two communities we love, the maker and ham radio communities.¬† The host, George (KJ6VU), points out during the introduction that this podcast will be exploring “What does being a ham get you as a maker”? George and co-host Jeremy (KF7IJZ) discuss the advantages Read more about Amateur Radio And The Maker Community[…]

Faraday sma antenna connector rf

Developer Contributions

Initially, Faraday is provided to developers ready to go with a core set of applications. The provided tutorials and functionality of these applications allow developers to quickly implement new features with the Faraday platform by taking care of the mundane necessities to interface the radio. We encourage developers to branch our GitHub Repositories to work Read more about Developer Contributions[…]


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