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Data Is The Future

We believe data is the future of amateur radio. Data is data whether it's voice, telemetry, messages, or another piece of information. In order for ham radio to remain relevant it must adapt to the needs of the coming generation of experimenters and hobbyists. We've developed Faraday and all necessary code to provide the hardware and software necessary to enable the shift towards a data-centric amateur radio.

Faraday is an open digital radio that will enable radio amateurs to determine the future of ham radio.

Beyond ISM

Faraday is more than just another Industrial, Scientific, and Medical band transceiver (ISM). Faraday takes advantage of the ISM hardware which works on the amateur radio 33cm band to let us focus on the real tasks we want to accomplish. The FaradayRF Master Plan details these tasks of which providing a well documented and educational digital wireless ham radio platform enabling an infrastructure to be built from is among the first goals.

500mW at 915MHz packs the power necessary to traverse over 40km required by last-mile communications infrastructure. The on-board Antennova M10478-A2 GPS adds location aware applications out of the box without the need for additional hardware. Overall, Faraday was designed to provide access to 33cm to radio amateurs and empower them to experiment and learn. A stronger ham radio is a more exciting ham radio.

Utilizing The 33cm Band

Faraday utilizes the 33cm amateur band which operates between the 902-928MHz frequency range. This means Faraday is currently only intended for use under FCC Part 97 with an amateur radio license in the United States. We explain the benefits of using the 33cm band more on our networking page but here are the main points.

  • Hardware for the GSM and ISM services is widely available and cheap
  • Propagation characteristics of the 33 cm band is similar to the GSM850 , basically what you would consider standard cell phone network coverage
  • The antenna sizes are ideal for low-cost installations and experimentation with the radios
  • Radio amateurs do not have easy access to 33 cm

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Open hardware to promote active development of FCC Part 97 radio technology

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Open source software/firmware to power amateur radio’s easiest to understand digital radio

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We focus on providing access to underutilized spectrum such as the 33cm band. Use it or lose it.

About FaradayRF

Moving Ham Radio Forward
FCC 97.1d

Expansion of the existing reservoir within the amateur radio service of trained operators, technicians, and electronics experts.

FaradayRF is a company that was founded for one reason, to advance amateur radio. We simplified our concern with the direction of the hobby down to the basics. This allows us to solve the problems that need to be solved instead of ones that simply look fun but are distracting. With this restraint we believe amateur radio can be set on a trajectory of continued interest and relevance.

Both founders work in the commercial Aerospace industry and have learned important lessons building rockets and spacecraft. One of these lessons is that simplicity is hard. Focusing on only the core problems helps us achieve timely progress towards our vision of an amateur radio that’s compelling to curious experimenters, students, and consumers. Simplicity and the desire to educate is core to who we are.

We invite you to join us on this endeavor. It’s going to be fun!


To educate and enable radio amateurs to advance the state of ham radio

Our Team

Bryce Salmi

Co-founder, Engineer
An active radio amateur for more than a decade while holding the callsign KB1LQC. Main hardware designer for FaradayRF.

Brent Salmi

Co-founder, Engineer
Licensed radio amateur with the callsign KB1LQD. Main embedded programmer and network designer for FaradayRF.

Engineers Day and Night

We started FaradayRF after moving to Los Angeles, CA to work at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) as Avionics Hardware Design Engineers. Both of us have helped design and build the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon spacecraft with our hardware currently flying to the International Space Station and on LEO/GEO missions. FaradayRF is not associated with SpaceX, we work on FaradayRF projects during nights and weekends when not at SpaceX. We've taken our collective experience in hardware design from our professional backgrounds and have applied it to everything we create. Faraday may not be a single-fault tolerant piece of avionics but we are proud of it's design.

We've experienced ham radio from late night contests and field day to local repeater conversations. We've built Ten-Tec kits and still have homemade off-center fed dipoles for 80m hanging in trees being used. Ham radio has been a beautiful hobby. Both of us have been licensed since 2004 and this hobby has given us many opportunities to learn and better ourselves. It's time to give back.

Amateur radio became less relevant from our perspective and we understood why. The hobby is like sailing, you don't usually need it but it's fun to do. It has it's place in emergency preparedness but when talking with peers it became clear many who were looking for a technical outlet simply saw amateur radio as a novelty activity instead of a technical enabler. That bothered us. Amateur radio is an amazing hobby which deserves more.

Ham radio is our hobby. Engineering is our passion. FaradayRF is our solution.

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